Thursday, March 19, 2009

Clowd Busting in Rainbow Melt Land

Cloud busting is an extra curricular activity in which you focus your life force energy out of your third eye. You then aim that energy at a cumulus cloud and it dissipates. You can do it too there is a walnut shaped piece of your brain called the anterior amygdala. It is located directly in from your temples on each side of your head. Imagine the front of your amygdalas are being tickled by a feather; poof you are doing it. This activity also makes you smarter, happier, and able to achieve longer O's if done regularly.

Chromadepth 3D (Three Dee) paintings.

These paintings are three Dimensional when viewed with Cromadepth 3D glasses. If you need a pair I sell painted paper glasses for 5 dollars American. Love.